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Center Point Clinical Services Names Gerald E. Finken New CEO

March 15, 2018

Center Point relocates headquarters to Fargo, ND, enhances its Siteless CRO model
for the pharmaceutical industry and launches the specialty CTRP® program

Fargo, North Dakota, March 15, 2018 — Center Point Clinical Services, creator of the world’s first Siteless CRO platform, has named Gerald E. Finken the company’s new CEO.  Mr. Finken is also the company’s founder and chairman of the board.

Under Mr. Finken’s stewardship, Center Point has moved its headquarters to Fargo, ND and is enhancing its Siteless CRO model for the pharmaceutical industry. The company is also launching a new ‘specialty’ Clinical Trial Research Pharmacist (CTRP®) program.
Mr. Finken said, “We have relocated to North Dakota as this state is nationally recognized as one of the most progressive in the US when it comes to the practice of pharmacy.  We believe this is the perfect place for our headquarters as we continue to introduce new programs and services intended to modernize the pharmacy industry.”

Center Point is well-known for introducing industry disruptive services like the CTRP®, the first Siteless CRO and associated KOL industry recommendations. The company is continuing on this path by enhancing its Siteless CRO model with the establishment of the largest national pharmacy, without offices or inventory.  Center Point’s pharmacy will provide a holistic, patient-connected service empowering pharmacists to fully engage with patients.  It will focus on the cognitive services of the practice of pharmacy and, together with its online partners, provide cutting edge services including CTRP®, Siteless CRO and supply chain logistics of medications, devices and supplements.

Mr. Finken continued, “We take our responsibility very seriously understanding that pharmacists are the only experts at dispensing and counseling of medications.  Center Point’s pharmacists will continue to support medication compliance and adherence in both clinical and commercial settings, by making sure the patient has 24/7 access to the professional expertise of the pharmacist to verify that they received the right drug, in the right dose and for the right reason and situation.”

Mr. Finken concluded, “We are also pleased to introduce today Center Point’s specialty CTPR® program.  Moving forward, our esteemed CTRPs will be comprised of specialists in clinical research, commercial prescriptions, over the counter (supplements) and exercise. All aspects of the patient’s health experience will be covered.  This improved model will help better service our clinical trial partners by returning to the trusted patient centricity model that the practice of pharmacy was founded upon and providing the most comprehensive and thoughtful data that includes not only the tangible but also the nontangible, including the patient’s emotional aspects.”

Mr. Finken has more than three decades of clinical research experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. In 1997, he founded a clinical supplies service company, Clinical Supplies Management, Inc. (CSM), well known for launching several disruptive clinical industry research services including On-Demand Packaging and Labeling. Prior to founding CSM, Mr. Finken worked as an independent consultant and held key managerial positions at Bristol-Meyers Squibb.

About Center Point Clinical Services
Center Point Clinical Services LLC is a specialty, siteless, technology contract research organization (CRO) that helps pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies successfully reach their regulatory and commercialization goals in less time and at a lower cost than competitors.    The company’s evolutionary Siteless CRO model helps to recruit patients faster, identify and address patient issues in real-time and complete trials within time and cost projections.  The company offers two premier signature services.  The first is the Clinical Trial Research Pharmacist (CTRP®) program, which uses only licensed, specially trained pharmacists to communicate with patients.  Center Point is the only CRO to offer such a unique and effective service. CTRP has repeatedly demonstrated improved patient retention, medication compliance and overall outcomes in clinical trials. The second service includes a series of practical  solutions intended to support virtual-focused trials, including patient recruitment, telehealth, and supporting technology.

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