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Center Point Clinical Services Launches Site-less CRO

November 30, 2016

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 Center Point Clinical Services Launches Site-less CRO

Center Point Clinical Services CEO Joe Martinez to present at MassBio’s  Innovation in Clinical Supplies:  The Cornerstone to the Next Generation of Patient-Centric Clinical Research Forum

Minnetonka, MN, November 30, 2016 Center Point Clinical Services, creator of the Clinical Trial Research Pharmacist (CTRP®) solution, announced today its launch of the world’s first site-less, technology CRO.  The Site-less CRO model is designed to support the evolving world of clinical trials by empowering study sponsors to de-risk the clinical trial process, increase quality, reduce costs and ensure robust data for regulatory submissions.

Mr. Martinez said, “Current clinical trial models are built around geographical clinical sites, and up to 70% of trial patients may not have convenient access to them. Moreover, clinical trial sites vary greatly in speed of communication, cost to manage patients, and quality of outcomes delivered. The numbers speak for themselves. Clinical trials currently cost approximately $50 billion annually, take six to nine years on average to complete, and may account for almost 40% of total therapy costs.”

Mr. Martinez continued, “The Site-less CRO model enables clinical research to be conducted at an unprecedented scale and scope.  Study sponsors are able to reach and maintain excellent communication with trial participants, wherever they are, as well as secure and retain reliable data that can be instantly accessed and shared. Our model provides an insurance policy to ‘de-risk’ the clinical trial process and empower study sponsors to successfully manage in the new world of patient-centric and direct-to-patient activity.  We believe it’s the surest way for study sponsors to reduce risk and achieve regulatory and commercialization goals.”

Center Point Clinical Services also announced today that Company CEO Mr. Joe Martinez will speak at MassBio’s forum titled Innovation in Clinical Supplies:  The Cornerstone to the Next Generation of Patient Centric Clinical Research.  The forum will take place on December 12, 2016 from 12 noon to 2 p.m. at the MassBio office in Cambridge, Massachusetts.   Clinical Supplies Management (CSM) CEO Mr. Gerald Finken and Trialogics CEO Mr. Chris Gropp will also address the forum.

Mr. Martinez will brief participants on the new ‘Site-less CRO’ concept and its increasing role in the evolving world of clinical trials. CSM will detail the various new and innovative clinical supply management and Direct-to-Patient strategies currently being deployed to assure clinical trial success in light of the growing acceptance of precision medicine and its impact on health economics.

Chris Gropp, CEO of Trialogics said, “We have developed an easy to integrate software program that enables old and new business models to compress the time and cost of executing clinical trials.  The team at Center Point Clinical Services is combining our proven technology with their virtual clinical trial business model to disrupt, innovate and improve the efficiency of drug testing.  Their goal is simple – test drugs better and at less cost, receive regulatory approval sooner, and increase access for the benefit of the patient.”

About Center Point Clinical Services

Center Point Clinical Services LLC. is a specialty, site-less, technology contract research organization (CRO) that helps pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies  successfully reach their regulatory and commercialization goals in less time and at a lower cost than competitors.    The company’s evolutionary Site-less CRO model helps to recruit patients faster, identify and address patient issues in real-time and complete trials within time and cost projections.  The company offers two premier signature services.  The first is the Clinical Trial Research Pharmacist (CTRP®) program, which uses only licensed, specially trained pharmacists to communicate with patients.  Center Point is the only CRO to offer such a unique and effective service. CTRP has repeatedly demonstrated improved patient retention, medication compliance and overall outcomes in clinical trials. The second service includes a series of practical signature study solutions intended to support regulatory and commercialization goals. These include: real world evidence (RWE) analysis and publications, health economic outcomes and research (HEOR), market access and reimbursement support, industry standard quality metrics data, and scientific publications. For more information please visit

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