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Center Point Clinical Services LLC (“Center Point”) is a specialty and “siteless”, contract research organization (CRO) that helps pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies successfully reach their regulatory and commercialization goals in less time and at a lower cost than competitors.

The company offers two premier signature solutions. The first is the Clinical Trials Research Pharmacist (CTRP®) program, which uses licensed and specially trained pharmacists to communicate with patients.  All pharmacists have a specialty in one or more of the following: clinical research, commercial prescriptions, over the counter (supplements) and exercise. This model is designed to better service our clinical trial partners by returning to the trusted patient centricity model that the practice of pharmacy was founded upon and providing the most comprehensive and thoughtful data that includes not only the tangible but also the nontangible, including the patient’s emotional aspects.  Center Point is the only CRO that offers this unique and effective service. The CTRP solution has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to improve patient medication and device compliance, support patient retention, and enhance overall study outcomes.

The second solution includes a series of signature programs that further help pave the way to regulatory approval and commercialization. These include: supply chain logistics of medications, devices and supplements as well as a series of practical  solutions intended to support virtual-focused trials, including patient recruitment, telehealth, and supporting technology.

The company operates across the U.S. and partners internationally.


Center Point’s signature CTRP program was initiated by Mr. Gerald Finken, the former CEO and also founder of CSM Inc., a clinical supplies company. He had a clear vision of how CTRP could fill a clearly unmet industry need. Mr. Finken understood that not only are patients at the center point of any clinical research initiative but also that CTRPs should be strategically positioned at the center point of study communication. These are the reasons for the CTRP solution’s impressive track record to date, as well as why Mr. Finken established the program under his new company, thoughtfully named Center Point Clinical Services. Since its inception, CTRP has serviced clients in 27 Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials and nutraceutical field studies, and has managed more than 30,000 patient contacts.

Center Point operates by the philosophy set forth by Mr. Finken, who currently serves as the company’s  CEO and chairman. Only licensed, specially trained CTRPs communicate with the patients, the clinical sites, the CRO, and the study sponsor. Center Point is also the only CRO to implement and execute this communication model, utilizing a patent-pending process. This process has proven time and again to promote the real-time exchange of information and to advance the goals of a study sponsor. The success of CTRP communication has also led to the introduction and offering of other important services and solutions, all designed to enable partners to achieve their regulatory and commercialization objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.


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