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The Little Miracles

November 28, 2018
Posted by: Gerald “Pharmacist Jerry” Finken, RPh, MS; Contributor, Meghan Mosser

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Have you ever tasted a ‘latkah’, the fried potato pancakes served during Hanukkah? If you haven’t, you should, they are delicious, especially with apple sauce or sour cream, although, I prefer them plain!

Have you ever witnessed a Menorah lighting ceremony? A menorah is a candelabra with place for 9 candles, 8 in a row and then one in the center above.

Both of these traditions are enjoyed yearly during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, which takes place from Dec 2nd – 9th this year.

What’s it all about? And why is lighting the menorah significant?

At the heart of Hanukkah is the miracle of light, where in ancient Jerusalem, one night’s supply of oil kept candles burning for eight nights. (

What I take from the Hanukkah story is that often in life, the smallest miracles can make the biggest difference – in ancient days as well as in modern times, even at the pharmacy.

Every single day pharmacists, as servant leaders create little miracles for their patients.

They may never see the impact they have, but an impact is made, the kind that can even change and save lives.

Pharmacists regularly give patients life-saving drugs and that is a little miracle in itself. The dispensing aspect of the pharmacist’s role is important, but it is not the most important..

One of the valuable qualities of a pharmacist is that they interact with patients on a high and consistent level. Moreover, the patient can visit their pharmacist free of charge and at any time of the day without an appointment.  This allows relationships to form between the patient and pharmacist.

Patients can have relationships with their primary care providers, but they only see them once a year on average. Pharmacists see their patients at least monthly. The relationship that is fostered through consistency reaches far beyond the dispensing role of the pharmacist.

A relationship doesn’t have to be present in order for pharmacists to make a difference though. Have you ever had a really hard day, when someone simply smiled at you? It was enough to turn the day around, right?

I think that one of the best and most important things you can do for a person is make them feel seen. Pharmacists have the opportunity to really see their patients, especially when patients come to the counter to pick up a prescription.

Many people don’t ask their pharmacists questions for various reasons, but what if the pharmacist began to ask their patients questions? Yes, each and every patient….AND spent the entire day at the counter or counselling station?

Like the miracle of Hanukkah, pharmacists should strive to make a little go a long way. Take the opportunity this Hanukkah season to look for ways to add light to the lives of others.

Do you have a holiday miracle story? We’d love to hear it. Please share with us below.

On behalf of the entire Center Point team, I’d like to wish those who celebrate a happy and healthy Hanukkah.

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