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Netflix Slams Clinical Trials

September 26, 2018
Posted by: Gerald “Pharmacist Jerry” Finken, RPh, MS; Contributor, Meghan Mosser

Netflix Slams Clinical TrialsPhoto credit: BGR

Netflix does it again with their new series ‘Maniac’ about a fictional pharma study. Any show on Netflix tends to get some sort of publicity and Maniac will be no different. They recently also released a series called ‘Insatiable’ that gained a lot of traction due to its involvement of fat shaming. Netflix knows what they are doing when they release a far-fetched series.

According to an article in FiercePharma, the Maniac series focuses on the clinical trial of a three-day treatment that can cure mental dysfunction of the brain. Ultimately, the trial participants have to try to decipher what is real life and what is the treatment taking over their brain. This isn’t the first time pharma has been cast in a negative light in the media and it certainly won’t be the last.

The problem with Netflix releasing Maniac right now is that the current view of big pharma is one of skepticism. The fact of the matter is that big pharma is being trusted less and less due to increasing prices and misleading information. The series will only add to this stigma that pharma is the enemy.

Clinical trials are often looked at in a negative light. Many people think that patients are used as guinea pigs and don’t help further medicine. A huge part of this is because most clinical trials don’t go further than the first stage due to issues within the trial. This is a known problem within the world of pharmacy and an issue that many have tried to fix.

The siteless clinical trial is Center Point’s solution to this problem by disrupting the industry and changing the global mindset of the importance and impact to everyone’s health.  The purpose of the siteless clinical trial is to speed up the clinical trial process and enable trials to go smoothly and have a much greater chance of success. When siteless clinical trials become part of everyone’s healthcare plan and are accepted worldwide, the current stigma will evaporate. In addition, the public will no longer feel like guinea pigs and the rapport between big pharma and clinical trials will improve.

Siteless clinical trials are the solution to pharma’s bad reputation when it comes to clinical trials. They not only streamline the clinical trial process, but they save money. The reputation of big pharma could take a 180 degree turn for the better if siteless clinical trials were to become first-line for pharmacy companies. The big question now is, will big pharma take the leap towards siteless clinical trials or will it continue in its old ways?

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