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Center Point works with a wide range of clients including drug development, specialty pharma, and medical device companies. We also provide a wide range of solutions that support commercialization of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and nutraceuticals.

Center Point lives and breathes a culture of innovation and change.  We work with internal teams to achieve positive study outcomes and commercialization goals while greatly reducing costs and timelines which affords our partners a competitive market advantage.

At Center Point, it is all about helping you to drive brand value, market access and product reimbursement through a holistic approach to medication outcomes that connects patient with healthcare professional. Our clinical team is comprised of industry veterans with decades of experience, ready to support your regulatory and commercial goals. Here’s how we do it.

    • Clinical research requires experience across all aspects of the industry’s established guidelines: GMP, GDP and GCP.  There is only one healthcare professional whose training and licensure requires expertise in each of these areas, and it is the pharmacist.  Additionally, a key component of the pharmacy profession is that the pharmacist also serves as the Quality Assurance Unit.  This should have uniquely placed the pharmacist as the key professional in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and medical device development, but until now it has not.

      The profession of pharmacy not only ties all aspects of clinical research together it is also the key profession that crosses directly over into the commercial setting with direct access to patients and the dispensing, compliance, adherence and outcomes of medication.  For decades the pharmacist has been the patient’s go-to professional when it comes to their medications, devices, supplements and general, overall health.  This is why for decades the pharmacist has been the number one trusted profession.

      Center Point’s is changing the status quo by proactively moving the pharmaceutical industry into the development and commercialization process to deliver a holistic, patient-connected view that is real-time and proven.

      Pharmacist Consulting

      For 35 years the timelines and the successful approval rate for new drug entities has not changed.  The only thing that has changed is the cost for developing a new drug entity.  Center Point is changing that paradigm by being innovative, but also working toward being disruptive.  The team at Center Point consists of pharmacists with specialties in clinical research, commercial prescriptions, over the counter (supplements) and exercise and other healthcare professional who have the expertise to develop and implement innovative and successful strategies for developing drugs and commercial utilization and who can help clients prepare for change and the disruption that is coming. 

      Patient Recruitment and Retention

      Center Point utilizes pharmacies and pharmacists to provide an innovative model for enrolling and retaining patients in clinical trials.  The pharmacist is the only trained and licensed professional responsible for dispensing and counselling patients on the use and expected outcomes of their medications.  Additionally, the pharmacist is one of the top trusted professionals who is experienced with talking with patients one-on-one about medication and is in a perfect position to discuss clinical trials and how the medication dispensed in clinical trials could benefit them.

      Real World Information

      Center Point pharmacists can work directly with patients in either the clinical research or commercial setting to gather real world information about how medications are working or not working or how the medication is impacting the lives of patients.  The information provided by the patent can be easily captured, interpreted and provided to clients to further improve compliance and adherence while addressing adverse events and drug interactions real-time and proactively.

    • Center Point takes the existing healthcare triad of the doctor, the patient and the pharmacist, merges this with technology already in use by telehealth and telepharmacy and adds one very special component that makes all the difference for success of a virtual clinical trial – the incorporation of the expertise of the pharmacist into the virtual trial process using the Siteless CRO model.

      The services provided to Center Point’s partners using this formula include patient recruitment, medication dispensing and patient counselling where the key data for successful trials is gathered and captured real-time by the pharmacist and immediately shared with the point person of the study.

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