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Poor patient retention and medication compliance represent an ongoing challenge in clinical trials. All too often drug administration protocols are confusing for the average clinical trial patient. There are many instructions to follow, and although all may seem clear and easy for the patient at the beginning of the trial, not long afterward, memories grow faint and mistakes are made. Patients become increasingly frustrated and then lose interest in the trial.

These are the primary reasons for high patient dropout rates in clinical trials. In fact, according to reasearch[1] by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, 49% of all patients randomized into a clinical trial quit before study completion. This causes avoidable delays that cost the study sponsor time and money.  More specifically, every day that a study is prolonged can cost a sponsor $37,000 in operational expenses and $1.1 million in lost revenue.


Center Point Clinical Services has developed a unique and effective solution to reverse this trend.  This signature, one-of-a-kind solution, is called Clinical Trials Research Pharmacist (CTRP®). CTRP uses only specially trained, licensed pharmacists with expertise in clinical trials, drug issues, and patient counseling, to educate and to communicate with patients. All pharmacists also have a specialty in one or more of the following: clinical research, commercial prescriptions, over the counter (supplements) and exercise. This model is designed to better service our clinical trial partners by returning to the trusted patient centricity model that the practice of pharmacy was founded upon and providing the most comprehensive and thoughtful data that includes not only the tangible but also the nontangible, including the patient’s emotional aspects.

Center Point’s pharmacists will continue to support medication compliance and adherence in both clinical and commercial settings, by making sure the patient has 24/7 access to the professional expertise of the pharmacist to verify that they received the right drug, in the right dose and for the right reason and situation.

Center Point is the only CRO that offers this unique and effective service.

Thus far, CTRP has supported more than 5,000 patients in 27 studies. Patient compliance has increased by nearly 30 percent and patient retention rates in trials have improved by 60 percent or more, with results ranging up to 93 percent retention. [2]


Pharmacists are the only experts at dispensing and counseling of medications.   Pharmacists are educated and trained to know about medications and their effects on the human body. They are experts on medication dosing, time intervals for drug administration, how to properly store and effectively take medication, or use a device. As such, Center Point leaves it to the experts to implement a patient-centered, tailored approach, designed to optimize patient health and medication outcomes. CTRPs engage patients at important stages of the trial to make sure all is in order according to protocol guidelines. Patients are also encouraged to call the pharmacist 24/7 with questions or concerns. All discussions between CTRPs and patients are documented and shared with the trial team.


  • Save on dropouts: an average of $36,500 per patient [3]
  • Benefit from shorter program timelines
  • Receive high-quality, dependable results which support successful regulatory submissions

Data from trials using CTRP programs have been included in submissions which led to FDA approval for New Drug Applications (NDAs).

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[3] Battelle Technology Partnership Practice. Biopharmaceutical Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trials: Impact on State Economies, March 2016.
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